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| Last Updated::22/02/2024

Major Activity


Debate competition organized by FRI EIACP for World Wetlands Day 2024

FRI EIACP (Environmental Information, Awareness, Capacity Building and Livelihood Programme) Resource Partner on Forestry and Forest Related Livelihoods formerly known as ENVIS serves as a one-stop platform for dissemination of environmental information, informed policy formulation on various facets of the environment, and facilitation of alternate livelihoods through green skilling. 

As a series of events being organized for the occasion of World Wetlands Day and to promote Save Wetlands Campaign, FRI EIACP Resource Partner on Forestry and Forest Related Livelihoods, organized a debate competition on the theme “Wetlands and Human Well-being” with the students at St. Teresa School, Kaulagarh. The participants highlighted their views and concern to save wetlands and conserve the environment.
Total Number of participants: 65