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| Last Updated::22/02/2024

Major Activity


Awareness workshop on Mission LiFE organized by FRI EIACP

FRI EIACP (Environmental Information, Awareness, Capacity Building and Livelihood Programme) Resource Partner on Forestry and Forest Related Livelihoods formerly known as ENVIS serves as a one-stop platform for dissemination of environmental information, informed policy formulation on various facets of the environment, and facilitation of alternate livelihoods through green skilling. To raise awareness on Mission LIFE, the FRI EIACP Resource Partner on “Forestry and Forest related Livelihood” conducted an awareness workshop on Mission LiFE with the school how their small efforts can help sustain the environment.

On 10/01/2024, FRI EIACP conducted an awareness program with the students and staff of Government High School, Kapoori, Saharanpur. The participants were sensitized about importance of Swachhta and the seven themes of Mission LiFE. The students also  pledged to always protect their environment and also motivate others to adopt eco-friendly living.

Total Number of participants: 86