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| Last Updated::11/09/2023

Major Activity


Informative session on organograms of EIACP and Mission LiFE by FRI EIACP

“FRI EIACP (Environmental Information, Awareness, Capacity Building and Livelihood Programme) Resource Partner on Forestry and Forest Related Livelihoods serves as a one-stop platform for dissemination of environmental information, informed policy formulation on various facets of the environment, and facilitation of alternate livelihoods through green skilling. FRI EIACP explained the role and functions of EIACP and Mission LiFE with the ‘CASFOS Dehradun 36th SFS 1C Batch 2023-25″ on September 5, 2023.

The session was conducted at the NFLIC (National Forest Library and Information Centre) during their study and overview visit to the Forest Research Institute, Dehradun. The session started with the “Introdution to EIACP (Environmental Information, Awareness, Capacity Building and Livelihood Programme) and then Mission LiFE’ themes were explained, i.e., “1) Save Energy, 2) Save Water, 3) Say No to Single Use Plastic, 4) Adopt Sustainable Food Systems, 5) Adopt Healthy Lifestyles, 6) Reduce e-Waste, and 7) Reduce Waste“.

Lastly, the event ends with questions and feedback from respected participants.”