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| Last Updated:22/05/2024

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News Clippings 2016 (Month wise)







         Himalayan Glaciers Fragmenting: Dr. Suraj Mal

         273 Ha Mangroves Lose ‘Reserved Forest’ Tag

         U'khand Forest Cover Shrinks, Says Report

         Resin From 'Unwanted' Chir Pines to Bring Rs. 90 Crore to State Coffers

         With 3 Per Cent Emissions, India Ready for Climate Change

         Mitigating Arctic warming

         Antarctic Ice Sheet a Sleeping Giant: Expert

         Hundreds of Trees Felled as States Spar over SYL Canal

         Climate Changing at Unprecedented Rate Says UN

         Two-Day Workshop on High Altitude Medicinal Plants at FRI

         ICFRE Approves 90 New Projects in Annual Meet

         Chipko Movement: A Beacon of Hope for Eco Conservation

         India’s Climate







         Forest Fires Ravage 3,000 Hectares in Himachal

         Understanding a Burning Issue for India’s Forests

         'Nobody Is to Blame for Uttarakhand’s Forest Fires'

         A Man-Made Tragedy of Errors

         FRI to Study Damage Caused by Fire-Prone Chir Pines to Forests

         Man-Made Disaster: State Loses Forest Cover Worth Rs. 2,500 Crore

         People's Role, Good Budget Must for Fighting Fires in Pine Forests

         Plans Afoot to Generate Power from Pine Needles

         वनों की आग में जंगल का कानून

         Taking Collective Responsibility for Environmental Catastrophes

         Why Uttarakhand Forests Are Going Up in Smoke

         Western Ghats Under Threat: Report

         जगलों में आग से 42 लाख की क्षति

         Growing Back Our Broadleaf Forests

         Deforestation Govt. Mulls Felling of Trees Above 1,000 ft. Height to Clear Fire Lines

         Forest Fires Return to Haunt Uttarakhand

         Forest Fires: MOEFCC Pegs Losses at Rs. 18L

         क्यों जलते हैं जंगल

         Afforestation SDMC Plantation Drive to Improve Air Quality

         Five Lakh Trees to Be Planted Along Rail Tracks in Punjab, Haryana





         23,716 Industrial Projects Replace Forests over 30 Years

         Training on Nursery Management at FRI from June 27 to 30

         जल, जंगल और जिम्मेदारी

         हिमालय के 51 बुग्याल खतरे में

         Greening of S. Gurgoan Planned

         Mussoorie Residents Protest Felling of Trees

         Botanical Garden Made with Rescued Trees in Telangana

         उर्गम घाटी के ग्रामीणों ने तैयार किया मिश्रित वन

         Separate Policies for Each State to Achieve 33 Per Cent Forest Cover

         Environment Ministry Defines Forests, Legally

         Draft Forest Policy Sets Up Battle over Forest Rights Act

         Bark that Cuts Diabetes Bite Faces Extinction in Hill State

         No Planet B, So Protect Environment: Twitteratis on World Environment Day

         Do Your Bit, Make a Difference to the Environment

         Going Green a Solution for Environmental Problems

         Climate Change Plan for U'khand Approved by Centre

         South Pole CO2 Levels Cross 400 Ppm

         Arctic Regions Getting Greener Due to Climate Change





         FRI Celebrates 67th Van Mahotsav

         In Uttarakhand, India’s ‘Biggest’ Man-Made Grassland

         In a First, U’khand to Deploy Camera-Equipped Drones to Advise Farmers on Soil Fertility

         Cultivation of Hemp, a High-Yield Easy Crop, Can Boost Rural Economy

         नैनीताल में दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा ग्रासलैंड

         Forestry Is Key to Food Security

         Botanists on a Mission to Save an Endangered Plant

         वृक्षारोपण के लिए 40,000 करोड़

         Corbett Gets Hazard Zonation Map to Tackle Forest Fires

         Harela Festival Celebrated Across U’khand with Plantation Drives

         Harela Symbol of State’s Culture, Environment Conservation: CM

         Clone of Vivekananda Tree Planted in Almora

         बंजर पहाड़ों को हरेला वन क्षेत्र बनाएंगे

         World Biggest Plantation Drive Done in UP 493 Cr Saplings Planted in 1 Day

         Peepal, Banyan Trees Planted in Burial Ground in Jaipur

         चीड़ पहाड़ और पर्यावरण का दुश्मन नंबर एकः जंगली

         Best Time to Plant a Sapling Which May Become a Tree

         Villagers near Mussoorie Divided over Cutting Trees for Building Road

         वनाग्नि में छत्तीसगढ़ पहले उत्तराखंड सातवें स्थान पर

         Nine Lakh Trees Gone in 5 Years

         Search on for Mythological ‘Sanjeevni’

         वृहद पौधरोपण को जुटे हजारों हाथ

         उत्साह ने साबित की हरेला की सार्थकताः सीएम





         Effective network needed to curb forest fires, says expert

         बिगड़ते पर्यावरण का परिणाम

         ‘We Can’t Eat Teak’

         Government Plan to Develop 42 Protected Forests in the Capital

         Preserving Heritage Trees Across the Globe Is Dr Harsh’s Mission

         लुप्त होती तटीय सुरक्षा पंक्ति

         India’s Forests Valued at Rs. 115 Trillion, But Tribals Unlikely to Get a Share

         MAD Holds Plantation at Race Course

         Training on Agroforestry and land management begins at FRI

         Medicinal Plant Cultivation Should Be Driven by Market Dynamics

         राज्य पुष्प ब्रहमकमल का अस्तित्व खतरे में

         Uttarakhand to Get Rs 1.5k cr for Afforestation

         Mangroves Destroyed: 150 Cases But No Conviction in 12 Months

         Government Set to Revise Wildlife and Forest Laws

         जलवायु परिवर्तन का सबसे अधिक असर हिमालय पर

         FRI Experts to Save Old and Rare Trees in Rashtrapati Bhawan

         The Medicinal Herb with a Reputation of Curing Fever

         Forest Drought a Serious Threat, Calls for Urgent Attention, Policy Intervention

         As Earth Swelters, Global Warming Target in Danger of Being Missed

         Climate Change Can Destroy World Heritage Sites

         वनीकरण के 42 हजार करोड़ 35 साल से डंप

         Agriculture in 115 Indian Districts Most at Risk from Climate Change

         How to Cut Carbon Footprint? This Village Shows the Way

         Gangotri Retreating 12m Annually: Experts

         Phasing out Hydro-Fluorocarbons the Next Big Challenge