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| Last Updated:: 22/07/2016

Utility of Trees



Trees for Beauty

These trees are also known as ornamental trees. Generally they look beautiful and attractive in all conditions of their growth and development.


Trees for Food

Some of the trees provide food. They provide nutritious food to all, both human beings and animals.

Trees for Honey

Honey is one of the best sweetening agents that also has medicinal value. It provides refreshing drink, nutritive supplement, etc.


Trees for Fuel

It is needed for people who are dependent on forest trees for cooking of their meals and other warming.



Trees for Packing Material

Wood is needed for the manufacture of packing cases, plywood, hardboard, match industry, paper industry etc.


Trees for Timber

Timber required for most of the household, commercial and industrial uses.



Trees for Oils

This includes oils meant for industrial uses, domestic uses for cooking and burning.


Trees for Fodder

Foliage of the trees can be used for feeding cattle and other animals.

Trees for Medicinal Uses

Some of tree species yield medicines of vital importance for the mankind and others. Roots, stems, leaves, buds, flowers, seeds and bark are used for preparing many medicines.

Trees for Shade

Apart from serving the purpose of a common tree, some trees provide sufficient amount of shade and shelter from hot sun and rain to some extent.