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| Last Updated:: 23/12/2016

Forestry Quiz




Kids Quiz



1.   Afforestation means

a.     Cutting down of forests

b.     Transpiration

c.      Growing more trees

d.     Respiration


2.   Deforestation means

a.     Cutting down of forests

b.    Transpiration

c.     Growing more trees

d.     Respiration


3.   Rainforests are also called

a.     Taiga

b.     Tundra

c.      Deciduous forests

d.     Temperate and tropical forests


4.   For animals forests provide

a.     Wood

b.     Shelter

c.      Water

d.     Food 


5.   Trees are

a.     Soft plants are

b.     Climbers

c.     Very tall and strong

d.     Small plants


6.   Forest floor composed of

a.     Dead plants

b.     Animals

c.      Soil

d.     All of these


7.   Living beings are made up of

a.     Wind

b.     Air

c.      Soil

d.     Plants and animals


8.   Essential elements of fire

a.     Fuel

b.     Oxygen

c.      Heat

d.     All of these


9.   Most of the energy used on Earth today originally came from which source

a.     Wind

b.     Sun

c.      Ocean

d.     Air


10.    An example of deciduous trees is

a.     Oak tree

b.     Pine tree

c.      Cedar trees

d.     Hemlock trees 


11.   Who led the Chipko Movement

a.     Sundarlal Bahuguna

b.     Sarla Behen

c.      Radha Bhatt

d.     Teelu Rauteli



12.    Afforestation increases

a. Soil erosion

b. Drought

c.  Carbon sequestration

d. Global warming




Answers  1. c  2. a.  3. d.  4. b.  5. c.  6. d.  7. d.  8. d.  9. b. 10 .a. 11. a 12. c