ENVIS Centre, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India

Printed Date: Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Forest Fire Awareness

Forest Fires
An uncontrolled fire on land covered wholly or partly by timber, brush, grass, grain or other flammable vegetation.
Essential Elements of Fires
1.             Oxygen
2.             Heat
3.             Fuel

Types of Forest Fires
Surface fire
A fire that burns only surface litter, other loose debris of the forest floor, and the smaller vegetation.




Crown fire
A fire that advances from top to top of trees or shrubs more or less independently of the surface fire.



Ground fire
Fire that burns the organic material in the soil layer and often above the surface litter and small vegetation.




Causes of Forest Fires
1.             Natural causes
2.             Man-made causes
3.             Unintentional or Accidental fire
4.             Fires due to collection of minor forest produce
5.             Fires due to logging operations
6.             Fires due to management reasons
Damage from Forest Fires
1.             Destruction of seeds
2.             Destruction of young seedlings
3.             Damage of young plants and trees
4.             Deterioration of site
5.             Injury to wildlife
Control of Forest Fires
1.             Preventive measures
2.             Combative measures
3.             Remedial measures
Fire Prevention Methods
1.             Relationships with public
2.             Personal contact
3.             Special campaigns
4.             Religious sermons
5.             Training
6.             Public awareness