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Printed Date: Thursday, December 7, 2023

Doon’s Day with Bats, Birds and Greens

Doon’s tryst with flora and fauna continues as the city’s nature lovers flocked to FRI campus on Wednesday for a nature walk which helped them explore the interesting facts about various trees and birds. Shiv, one of the participants, said, “I am in Doon for summer vacations and I thought it will be a boring walk with history and geography lessons, but it was so much fun. I saw so many birds from this close for the first time. It was any day better than a school lesson!”
Raman, another participant, said, “FRI campus is a hub of birds and trees. A lot of trees have been brought from different parts of the world for research in FRI and they make the campus look amazing. We also have around 300 bird species found here out of the total 1,200 found in India.
Pooja, a student, said, “This has been an amazing walk. I saw so many birds with my binoculars. It was also very interesting to know about trees like Taxodium which is the second largest tree in the world.”Another student Abishekh said, I thought I knew a lot about trees, but it was only after this nature walk that I got to know so much more! Who could guess that so many trees have bat colonies? Many trees here have been imported from different countries too.
(Source: Doon Times, 17 June 2016)