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| Last Updated:: 10/08/2023

LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment)




This word is LiFE, which means ‘Lifestyle For Environment’. Today, there is a need for all of us to come together and take Lifestyle For Environment forward as a campaign. This can become a mass movement towards an environmentally conscious lifestyle. 
Mission LiFE (2022-23)
In 2022-23, Mission LiFE will focus on Phase I, Change in Demand, by nudging individuals, communities and institutions to practice simple environment-friendly actions (LiFE actions) in their daily lives. In view of Mission LiFE being launched in the 75th year of India’s independence, a comprehensive and non-exhaustive list of 75 individual LiFE actions across 7 categories is identified such that most actions are: 
Ø Specific and measurable 
Ø Easy to practice by individuals, communities and institutions, with minimal supply-side dependencies 
Ø Non-disruptive to ongoing economic activity, and, in fact, promoting economic activity in the foreseeable future