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| Last Updated:: 10/07/2023

About EIACP Centre on Forestry

EIACP Centre on Forestry

The EIACP centre on Forestry was established in 1997 at the National Forest Library and Information Centre (NFLIC) which is the richest library in document collection on forestry and other subjects in South and South East Asia, with the mandate of collect collate and disseminate information on forestry related subject.

The FRI EIACP centre was engaged since then in compilation of databases, News Digest on topics of Environment and forestry, bulletins and books on important issues of forestry. As a revamped centre to function as Decision Support System for the Ministry of Forest, Environment and Climate Change as per the National Workshop held at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, it is proposed to modify and improve the existing activities in lines of the decision support system approach for the ministry.


Forest Resources and Environment

Proposed mandates:

Ø   Compilation and development of database on forest resources (NWFPs), forest flora, MPCAs, forest soils etc.

Ø   Compilation and development of database on status of the Preservation Plots

Ø  Compilation and development of database on improved varieties / quality seeds etc for plantation purposes

Ø  Compilation of archival information available in The National Forest Archives, NFLIC, FRI on the mandate subject area.

Ø   Publication of News Digests, Manuals, Coffee Table Books etc.

Ø   Conducting green skill development trainings